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The Big Island of Hawaii is magical!  It is one of the most unique natural wonders of the world, showcasing a diversity of land and ocean features like nowhere else on earth. ALOHA and welcome to the best of Hawaii!


The Big Island is like a microcosm of Earth, with 10 of the world’s 12 climate zones. You can go from dry and sun-drenched beaches with warm ocean waters, to the lush vegetation and waterfalls of a tropical rainforest, to frigid temperatures in a high alpine polar climate, all in a single day! This island gem has something for everyone.


Hawaii Island is also geologically unique, made up of five volcanoes. Three of our volcanoes are "active." With the ongoing eruption of Kilauea Volcano, the Big Island continues to grow.  Mauna Kea is the tallest volcano in the world, towering more than 33,000 feet (10,000 meters) above the ocean floor.


Everywhere there is rich evidence of native culture. Feel the aura of the Hawaiian ancestors who landed here more than a thousand years ago.  Explore well-preserved villages, temples, and other pieces of their past, lending insight into an ancient way of life.


The stunning beauty, warmth and charm of Big Island Hawaii make this tropical paradise a dream travel vacation destination.  Enjoy the dramatic scenery, the energy, the history and an endless array of fun, unique activities.  We hope your stay at Casa Kona will help make your Hawaii vacation the trip of a lifetime.

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"I started coming to the Big Island in the early 1980's with my parents, and have been returning for over 30 years."  
Every year we discover something new and unique.
In 2015 we discovered Casa Kona.  This is a one-of-a-kind unit that you will love and want to come to again and again. In fact, we stayed here as guests and loved it so much we bought it!
Now we invite you to be our guests, so we can share the beauty and aloha spirit of Hawaii with you.
Jeff & Brent

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